Special General Meeting
CA25N Skyfox
Welcome to the SLACWA Website
The Super Light Aircraft Club of WA Inc (SLACWA) has been operating from the Bindoon Abandoned airfield for over 20 years and comprises a diverse range of aviators, flying a variety of aircraft types.

Our operations are limited to weekends due to RAAF Pearce controlling our airspace during the week, but as most of us are working through the week to afford our passion, this generally suits our members.

Our aircraft include Ultralights (RAAus), Gyrocopters (ASRA), Microlights (HGFA and RAAus), Motor Gliders (GFA) and also some GA (CASA Experimental and 2 seat sport aircraft).

SLACWA is dedicated to promoting safe and affordable flying for sport and recreational pilots and we welcome people interested in recreational and sport flying to contact us and join our ranks.

The club also supports Ultralight and Gyrocopter flight training, and can put you in contact with instructors.